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WheelWeb is our flag ship application designed for use in Tyre and Wheel stores throughout Australia.

WheelWeb is an in-store wheel and tyre matching system. The user experience is simple and interactive, featuring visual navigation that guides the customer through their wheel and tyre matching experience.

The end user experience is a high visual of how selected wheels will appear on a vehicle.

Users can customise their own experience by selecting their wheels, changing the car colour and adjusting vehicle suspension heights.

The application benefits extend to providing a unique pre sales enquiry tool, creating business efficiencies through store staff enquiry rates.

All vehicle data and wheel data and images are updated daily using WheelWeb’s custom Australian vehicle data.


Tyre Selector

TyreSelector is WheelWeb’s custom vehicle and tyre database. Data is provided for matching Australian vehicle data with Australian tyre catalogues and imagery.

The database can be accessed via an XML web service and features all Australian ADR compliance vehicles.




Web based wheel selection application. The application is visually interactive providing automotive industry suppliers with an environment to display a WheelSelector via their public website.


 The WheelSelector provides a tool for searching and displaying wheel images and data. in a web environment. Customers use the application via a public website as a pre purchase enquiry tool for wheel purchases.


The technology capability has proven to be a key tool for increasing productivity by providing a self service enquiry channel for your customers and as a learning tool for training and up skilling employee’s product knowledge.




Smartphone applications combined the technology of both WheelWeb and WheelSelector by putting these technology services in the hand of the consumer, allowing them customise their own vehicle selection experience.


Smartphone applications also include the latest in social networking capabilities.



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